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I really hate the word gamer for a variety of reasons.

The first major reason why I dislike the word gamer is because, most of the time, it is used negatively. Lets say someone who hasn’t met me hears that I am a gamer. I bet that they will immediately think that I am fat, wear a power glove wherever I go, live in my parent’s basement, and play World of Warcraft for twenty hours a day. Instead of referring to people as “gamers,” I simply say that they enjoy playing video games.

Another reason why I avoid the word “gamer,” is because it has no value whatsoever. The title of being a gamer is pretty much given to anyone who owns a video game, no matter how much they actually play. No other medium has a word like gamer. If someone watches a movie they are not a movier, or if they read a lot of books they are not a booker. So, why is that if someone plays one game they are immediately labeled a gamer?

The word gamer also has many variations; hardcore gamer, casual gamer, core gamer, pro gamer, retro gamer, girl gamer, just to name a few. These variations may help a bit with some of the issues I stated above, but I still don’t like any of them. Hardcore gamer is just stupid and fuels the stereotypes. Casual gamer is what primarily devalues the title and the rest are just plain stupid. If someone is really into gaming and has a ton of knowledge on the medium, I usually refer to them as video game enthusiasts. If they own a ton of games and consoles then they are video game collectors. Neither of these titles use the word “gamer.”

The main problem with playing video games is it not the norm yet. If you go up to anyone and ask them if they like music the vast majority will say yes. This is not true about games yet. Some people say they don’t like video games but I like to think they just haven’t found a game they like or just haven’t played any.

As video games grow more and more, everyone will become a gamer, and thus, no one is a gamer. Until then, this is why I hate the word gamer.

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  • jim Whipsnade

    The term ‘video game’ annoys me as ‘video’ has very little to do with most computer games. Latin for ‘to see’ it’s a superfluous term since most games people play also involve seeing.

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