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Malibu Photograph

Over the last week I have been at a YoungLife camp called the Malibu Club. Malibu is in Canada (over 250 miles away from where I live) and is only accessible by either boat or seaplane. Since it is so remote, there is no cell phone reception or internet. It may seem hard to believe but there is other things to do then just watching YouTube and playing video games.

At Malibu I went wakeboarding, rode a zip line, swung on a gigantic rope swing, played frisbee golf, swam, played games, rode inner tubes, hung out with friends, and a ton of other fun stuff. Along with all the fun activities Malibu is incredibly beautiful. Going to camp is a life changing experience and I highly suggest going if you have the opportunity.

For every day at camp a video is made to go along with it. The link below goes to all the videos for the week I was at Malibu and the videos do a much better job at showing what we did at camp than I could explain here. Go check them out!

YoungLife Videos!

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