What I Have Been Working On

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This month I finally got back to actually working on a game. As some of you may have noticed from my tweets or Facebook posts I have been graphically reworking Cube Fall. Originally it was just going to be a graphical rework but I ended up improving a large portion of the game.

The first thing that you will notice immediately after starting the game is that Cube Fall has an all new feel. Instead of the game being rather dark and rough, it is now bright and happy. This was changed mainly so that the game appeals to a larger audience. The user interface also has had a facelift to make it easier to read and easier to use.

The next major improvement is that the game is a lot smoother. Cubes are no longer locked into a grid and the game doesn’t slow down anymore when getting a line on slower devices. Along with this, point amounts have been adjusted to reward playing on a higher difficulties.

There also have been a vast amount of minor adjustments and tweaks to improve the overall gameplay. If you would like to try out the beta builds of Cube Fall you can play them here.

Cube Fall is getting very close to a full release and should be out within the next few weeks. It will be available first here on Coded Games and then will be released on a various other platforms.

Thanks for reading!