Violence in Video Games

The Last of Us Banner

I have played a very wide variety of video games. Some of these games are very violent, like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Bioshock, The Last of Us, and many others. Even some of the games I have made have varying degrees of violence.

Some people, especially people who don’t regularly play video games, seem to think that violent video games cause people to act violently. This can’t really be proven, but could be true for a miniscule amount of mentally troubled people. But this idea is completely false for the vast majority of people. Anyone with some sanity knows that videogames are fictional, and what is shown and what you can do in a game you cannot do in reality. This is true for all mediums of entertainment depicting violence including fictional movies and even books.

Whenever a violent event happens, people seem to blame video games, and their developers, for causing the event. Especially, if the event was cause by a minor that plays video games. Just like movies, video games are rated by their content. The majority of violent video games are rated M, for mature 17+, and require you to be eighteen years old to purchase them. So, how are these minors getting violent video games? Their parents buy them. So instead of blaming video games for tragedies caused by minors, why don’t people blame the parents who bought their child a violent video game? I’m seventeen, and when my father purchased Grand Theft Auto 5 for me, the clerk read off everything that the game is rated M for. But since my father knows that I can handle mature video games, and that I obviously know the difference between right and wrong, he purchased the game. If a parent knows that their children cannot handle playing mature rated video games, or that they have mental or anger issues, they should not purchase the game. There are a ton of other very fun games, that are not filled with violence. I have many plenty of games free of violence. Instead of blaming video games and their developers for violent acts, blame the parents.

I personally don’t believe that children under the age of 13 should be playing rated M games. I didn’t, but once a child gets into middle school they should be just fine. Nothing I’ve seen in a rated M game has been any worse than rated R movies.

I also think that it would be horrible if violent video games got banned. Video games are not just for little kids, there is so much more to games now than there used to be. Although games like the Last of Us have a ton of violence in it, there’s so much more to it through storytelling. The Last of Us isn’t a game about killing zombies, it’s a game about relationships and how humanity handles world changing events. If you have not played the Last of Us, it is an amazing example of why videogames are art and how you can tell compelling stories through games.

So that’s my opinion of violent video games, thanks for reading!