The Future of Coded Games

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In 2014 a lot of major changes have been made to Coded Games. In the last month I have made news posts multiple times a week, the forum has been added, and quite a few pages have been completely remade. Due to this, traffic increased greatly which I am very happy with. Although, most of the traffic has just gone to the news, and has not made it to Coded Games’ other features. That aside, I have a lot of ideas that I hope to implement in the near future.

Over the last few months I have made two HTML5 mobile games; Rainy Day, and the soon to be released Cube Fall. I really enjoy making these games. They don’t take very long to develop and they can be played on any device. I plan on making a few more after the release of Cube Fall.

I had an idea for a turn based rogue-like RPG, I will probably start working on that immediately after I release Cube Fall. It will have a lot of features that are randomized so it will have infinite replayability and content. Right now it’s just an idea though so I have no idea how it will actually turn out.

The second idea I had was to finish off some of the older projects that I scrapped. I have a game in which you slide tiles around to make patterns, a brick breaker game, and a few shooters. With a bit of work and polish I could get all three of these games up and running in a good amount of time.

One feature that I always wanted to be a part of Coded Games was lessons on how to make games yourself. I have already made a few tutorials on YouTube on how to make your own video games. The engine I use is rather simple and user friendly. This once again is just an idea. I think it would be fun to make these tutorials, and I have had a lot of positive feedback on the ones I have already made.

Along with these larger updates, I also have some smaller updates planned. Over the next week, I will probably be reworking a few of the older pages on Coded Games to freshen them up a bit. I also plan to continue making regular news posts here, and in the forums. If have not already, make sure to check out our forums by clicking the “Community” button in the top right corner of Coded Games.

Well thats it, thanks for reading!