The FPS Wars

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Back in the 1980’s there was the bit wars between consoles. There were eight bit consoles, sixteen, thirty two, and so on. Nowadays no one cares about bits anymore, it’s all about frames per second.

Just like video, animations in video games are made up of hundreds of still images. When the still images are shown quickly one after another, it creates the illusion of motion. FPS is the speed at which the images are shown.

The human eye cannot see the change in frames at around 30 FPS. To put this into perspective, most TV shows are shot at 24 FPS.

Most gamers always seem to want gamers to run at least 60 FPS. In my opinion games running at 60 FPS is unnecessary. Every single one of my games, except Draw Me A Path, run at 30 FPS. This may sound unbelievable for all the hardcore gamers out there; I notice no difference between 30 and 60 FPS.

Instead of game developers using processing power to increase FPS past 30, I would rather them use that to increase the resolution and improve the graphics/aesthetics. Currently, it seems like games either have a high FPS and low resolution, or low FPS and high resolution. I would prefer a high resolution than a high FPS.

Would you guys prefer higher FPS or higher resolution?

Thanks for reading!