My Plans for Coded Games

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Wow, it has been a full year now since the last time I posted something in my blog. Sorry about that! I do plan writing more in the future.


Over the last year, I have been changing the type of content that is released on Coded Games. Last year I was writing in the blog fairly frequently, live streaming a lot, and making videos fairly often. Although this was fun, I felt it was straying away from what I wanted Coded Games to be. Over the last year, I’ve changed my focus from our alternate media (video, blogs, live streams), back to make games.


In the last year, I released four new HTML5 games, Poker Hunt, Jewel Ninja, Plains of Niri, and DRAW!! Along that, I’ve also completely overhauled Cube Fall and redesigned the website. I want to continue releasing higher and higher quality games and I hope that shows through the last few releases. Along with that, I’m still trying to shift Coded Games from being just a hobby to a business.


The first step of that plan was to make higher quality content; that was achieved when I released Jewel Ninja, Niri, and Draw. The next step of my plan was to go back and update my older games, Poker Hunt and Cube Fall, so that they meet my new quality standards. That is still a work in progress since Poker Hunt needs to be updated. The final step is to contact publishers about licensing my games. This is the part that scares me the most since I have not been very successful with this in the past. I hope that my games are now high enough quality to meet the needs of publishers. If that step fails I will probably add advertisements to my games and host them on websites like Kongregate and Newgrounds.


Even though I am shifting away from making videos and writing in the blog I don’t want to completely stop. I still want to write about the games that I’m playing and other various tech things but I’m not completely sure if Coded Games is the place to do that. Since most of my audience are game developers, I want to focus the content that I create more toward that. Plus, I will be starting college again later this month so any free time needs to be used effectively.


These are my current plans for Coded Games. Thanks for reading!