My Favorite Video Game Console

Playstation 2 Banner

Since I’m only 18, I have only been alive during the last three console generations. So, I missed the great gaming years of the 1980s, 1990s and the 1970s. My first video game console was the Playstation 2 and it is my favorite video game console out of all of them.

The Playstation 2 has a massive collection of great games and plays Playstation 1 games. Some of my favorite games for the PS2 are Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, SSX, anything with an ATV in it, and a few others. Since this was my first console I get a lot of nostalgia playing these games.

I still consider the Playstation 2 a tradition console. What I mean by this is it doesn’t extensively use the internet. It must have been a lot harder to make games back then than it is now. Back then, if your game had a game breaking bug in it, there was no fixing it. Nowadays, developers can just send out patches for everything.

The PS2 is still a great console now, it was just discontinued last year and you can pick one up for extremely cheap. Also, you can pick up PS2 games for only a couple dollars at stores like GameStop. If you don’t have a PS2 I highly recommending adding on to your collection.

R.I.P Dreamcast and thanks for reading!