Indies and Innovation

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A lot of the topics in the blog post are inspired by Game Theory’s video that was released yesterday. I suggest that you watch it, since it is quite interesting.


I agree and disagree with the concepts described in the this video. The fact is most triple A companies cannot, or don’t want to take the risk, of innovating in their video games. This is because innovation is either incredibly successful, or doesn’t do nearly as well as a game with a higher number glued to the cover. Most game companies don’t want to take this risk or invest the money into making something brand new. Although, there are some companies that revolve around innovation. A great example of this is Nintendo, every single one of their consoles in unique and not just a simple power upgrade to the previous model. Sometimes this can be successful, like the original Wii which was pretty much printing money for Nintendo. Or it can be a complete failure, like the Wii U, Virtual Boy, or the N64DD. Most companies don’t want to take risks like Nintendo does, so they don’t.

There is one important thing left out of Game Theory’s video; the indie game market. I can think of several extremely innovative indie games that have came out the last few years. Minecraft, Surgeon Simulator, Don’t Starve, The Stanley Parable, the list goes on. The great thing about indie developers and the indie market is that, for the most part, developers can make whatever they want. They don’t expect to sell their game to huge market like AAA companies do. So as long as their game gets purchased by some niche market, they’re happy. Indie developers can make original games, and because of this, some of them become extremely successful; like Minecraft. Then there are others that just say in the their niche markets and that is okay. I heard a quote from some indie developer: “No matter what you make, someone will enjoy it.” Thats what I believe. I make games that I enjoy making. I don’t care if the game is a complete failure and no one plays it, but as long as a single person does enjoy playing it, then it was worth taking the time to make the game.

Thanks of reading!