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The Ouya has been out for a little bit over a year now so I thought of some ways to make it even better!

The Ouya first was released proudly boasting its free-to-try market. At first this seems like something good, but it soon became a big hassle for developers. If a developer wants to make a game that they are going to sell, most of the time, they don’t want to spend the time to release a demo alongside their game. To fix this, Ouya will soon release an update that removes the requirement to have a demo in all games. In some ways this seems like a good move, but I still see some issues. On a consumer side of things, the free-to-try market on the Ouya was something that made it original. What I think Ouya should have done, was build in a timed demo for every game into the Ouya OS. You could download the whole game for free, but you only could play for so long before running out of time and then have to pay for the game. This system built into the Ouya would remove the need for developers to make their own demos.

Another thing that Ouya should do is release a more powerful Ouya, with a better controller. The Ouya itself, when it was released, was already slightly underpowered in comparison with some of the smartphones at the time. They should release a second Ouya, we’ll call it the Touya, with a better processor, more storage, more memory, better graphics, and most importantly, a higher quality controller. The original Ouya controller had some major issues. The controller felt cheap, face buttons stuck, the directional pad was only slightly better than the XBOX 360’s, and the triggers on the back are blocky. Ouya recently released an updated controller that supposedly fixed some of these issues, but since I don’t own one of them, I don’t know if that is actually true.

The next thing that could really help the Ouya is improving the multiplayer, and social side of the Ouya. The Ouya has a lot of great local multiplayer games. I really like this because it seems like the local multiplayer system is dying. I wrote an entire blog post on this topic. I really think that the Ouya needs to expand upon it’s online network. The Ouya has its own niche market, so building a sort of social network around it’s users would be awesome. They should make a friend system where you can add friends and message them. They should also make something like Nintendo’s Miiverse for Ouya’s niche community.

The final thing that Ouya needs to do is get some must play games on their system. The Ouya doesn’t have a horrible game library, it has a lot of Sonic games, Final Fantasy, a ton of great indie games, and emulators for every console under the sun. The only issue is that the Ouya doesn’t have that must play Ouya exclusive. Ouya needs to get in contact with some well-known developers or make their own game studio that produces games exclusive to the Ouya. After that, make a really good game and market it everywhere. The problem the Ouya had was the general public didn’t really know about it. It really seemed like the Ouya was only marketed toward indie developers so it had a ton of developers, but no one to play their games.

Well these are just some of my ideas for making the Ouya a better video game console.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “How to Make the Ouya Better

  • J T

    Your points are quite valid, however as some constructive criticism, you said, and I quote
    “Another thing that Ouya should do is release a more powerful Ouya, with a better controller. The Ouya itself, when it was released, was already slightly underpowered in comparison with some of the smartphones at the time.” But, in the exact same paragraph, might I add, you stated the new Ouya Controller, may have fixed some of these issues, while also saying you have not bought the controller, so you wouldn’t know.

    Your argument just fell upon itself, with the fact that you said you don’t have the updated controller. If this is the case, why would you-or 90% of the fan-base, buy a brand new console? If you don’t want (Or at least, I assume so) to buy the controller, why would you care about a newer, maybe even £22 more expensive, console?

    Otherwise, great points! I like how you think!

    • Coded Games Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad that you like my post. I don’t think at the time I wrote this the new controller was out yet or I was able to buy it separately. I’m not completely sure. Well really now the only thing that could make the Ouya better would be if it actually existed. The company got sold off to Razer not too long ago.

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