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Become a Rocket League Pro!

Over the last month I have been playing an unhealthy amount of Rocket League. As I get better at the game and learn more strategies, I keep seeing people making the same mistakes I used to. So, here are my 5 tips for becoming a Rocket League Pro!

1. Communicate. There is a reason why Psyonix added the quick chat messages, use them. If you spawn in one of the striker positions call “I got it.” If you spawn in the very back call “defending.” If you set up a goal but cannot get it yourself call “Take the shot!” I find that every game I do this my team starts doing it also and we start working together more efficiently.

2. Don’t just sit in the goal. Every round someone is spawned in the very back by the goal. This person is the defender and they should sit back and make sure no stray balls make it into the goal. One big mistake I see a lot of defenders do is that they just sit and wait in the goal for the ball to fly over there. This is completely wrong. When I play defender I wait for the kick off, make sure the ball goes to the opposite side, pick up 100% boost, and hang around about 25% of the way into the field and make sure the ball never goes over the half field line. I find this is a much more effective way to defend since just sitting in the goal usually makes it difficult to reach the ball when it flies into one of the corners.

3. Go and hit the ball. Everyone except the defender should hold down their boost and try and hit the ball first. I’ve played so many games where the strikers decide to be defenders and no one goes and hits the ball. Also, double tapping X right as your boost runs out almost always guarantees first touch. If your positioned in one of the spots close to the defender, jump right before you hit the ball to hit it if one of their strikers hit it first.

4. Play the tutorials. When I first started playing, I went straight into online play and did okay. One day I decided to play the tutorials for the first time and learned quite a few techniques that I did not know you could do. Most of these are pretty straight forward, like jump boosting, but if you’re new to the game I would suggest to check them out.

5. Practice. Rocket League is a very high skill game and the best way to get good at it is to play it. Play a few games a day and switch up the game mode. Two verses two is incredibly different than standard mode. I think the lower player games are much slower and rely much more one strategy.

There are my 5 tips on how to become a Rocket League Pro!  Now get out there and score some more goals!

Thanks for reading!

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