How I Started Making Video Games

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It’s been about five to six years now since I started making video games. Because of this, I don’t remember all of the small details like why I wanted to make games, I just decided to. What I do remember doing was simply googling “How to make video games.” After doing this I spent a lot of time jumping between engines to finally find one that I understood and enjoyed using. I tried Scratch, Blender, and a bunch of others. After quite a while of searching, I finally found one that I liked, Game Maker 7.

Once I downloaded Game Maker I immediately started scouring the internet for tutorials, engines, or anything else that could help me learn how to make games. One person I remember specifically was a Youtuber by the name of Stevmay09, I watched all of his tutorials and I consider him the primary person to teach me how to use Game Maker. I thanked him for this not to long ago. Unfortunately he no longer makes Game Maker tutorials. I used the free version of Game Maker for a few months before finally asking my parents if I could spend the $30 to buy the Pro version of the software. With Game Maker 7 I made quite a few games. Some of my first games were Big Head Knight 1, 2 and 3. The original Draw Me A Path, Farm Land, Click Mania and Jump Drive. Most of these games I no longer support simply because I don’t think they are good enough for people to play anymore. I may release them again just for fun.

To share all of my games I made a website called, which eventually was rebranded to Coded Games. Over the years Game Maker was updated to Game Maker 8, 8.1, HTML5, and then finally Studio. For a while I used the Pro version of Game Maker Studio, until Draw Me A Path won a runner-up spot in the Win Big Competition which gave me a copy of Game Maker Studio Master Collection. I then used the Master Collection to make Rainy Day, the Drawing Galaxy port, and Celestia. Right now, I am working on a few more games which should be out soon.

Thanks for reading!