How Good is TGT?

How Good was TGT

The Grand Tournament brought tons of new cards into the meta, but did the new core mechanics make it into the game?

The two major new mechanics of the Grand Tournament was joust and the inspire keyword. Joust has both players draw a card and whoever has the highest mana cost card wins some bonuses. Inspire on the other hand is simply triggered when a hero uses their hero power. Prior to the release of this expansion, many people had created decks centered around these mechanics. Now that the Grand Tournament has been out, none of these decks we saw before are being played.

To see the popularity of these mechanics, I used Hearthpwn to check what the 12 highest rated decks are since the release of TGT. Almost all of these decks use some cards from the Grand Tournament, but cards that use jousts or inspire are hardly seen. Out of the 360 cards I went through, two of them use joust, and four of them use inspire. Just over 1% of the most used cards use the new mechanics from the latest expansion.

Ok, how good is TGT then? Overall, I think the Grand Tournament was a rather disappointing expansion. It definitely changed the meta and introduced new decks, but I don’t think it drastically changed the game like GvG did. I think it actually just introduced more deck variety to the game. There was no distinctly good cards that everyone needs that came from TGT. I saved up 3,200 dust to craft the best cards when TGT came out. I have not crafted anything with it yet because I don’t see any must-have cards.

Many of the new cards are considered to be rather bad. Some of the worst cards ever came from the Grand Tournament. In general, I think TGT could have been a lot better.

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