Games I’m Playing – September

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Well would you look at that, I was actually able to get a Games I’m Playing blog post released on time! Anyway, this month I started school so I have much less time to play video games. I still did play a few games but not nearly as many as I have played in other months. I have also been considering renaming this series to something else like glog (gaming log) so that I can make more than one post a month. Also, soon I will be reaching one year of Games I’m Playing blog posts and I don’t want names to be overlapping. Anyway, lets get into the games!

RuneScape: This month I played a lot of RuneScape. I gained nearly 12 million experience and got 99 strength. Right now I’m saving up for 99 summoning during double experience weekend. This month I was extremely lucky when it came to solo drops. I got Bandos gloves, a Bandos chestplate, an Armadyl chestplate, an Armadyl hilt, and a variety of Drygore drops on stream. I went from having a 20 million gold stack to over 80 million at one point. I had a lot of fun playing RuneScape this month.

Osu: This month I haven’t played as much Osu as I have other months, but I have made some more progress. Since I’m playing insane difficulty songs now it takes a lot longer to beat them and get better at the game. I’m still having a ton of fun playing this game even though it can be super frustrating.

Destiny: Oh, Destiny. I got Destiny on day of release and played it non stop for a week. I got level 20 in a few days and am now around level 26 or 27. I loved this game at the beginning but now that I have put over 25 hours into it, my feelings have drastically changes. It take so long to level up that I feel like I have to abuse exploits and glitches to progress. That’s not what I dislike the most though, you are not rewarded for being good at the game. I can go online, carry my team to victory, and not get rewarded at all. On the other hand, some noob at the bottom of the leaderboard can get two legendary times by not participating at all. The game is horribly designed and I really can’t describe my feelings toward this game.

Garry’s Mod: My friends have tried to get together and play something on Garry’s Mod for a very long time. We finally were able to play Trouble in Terrorist Town and it’s either a ton of fun or ruins friendships. It’s one of those games.

Those are the games that I played in September! I hope that you enjoyed my short rant about Destiny and thanks for reading!