Games I’m Playing – May

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This month was my birthday and I spent a lot of time game hunting, so I got a lot of new games. Since I got so many new games, I am only going to talk about the ones that I think where interesting so that the list is not a mile long.

Runescape – Like always, I start off the list with Runescape. This month I played Runescape a ton but since I was not playing super efficiently I didn’t get a ton of experience. This month I gained a little over an eleven million experience. Since I have started streaming on Twitch, I have been doing a lot of bossing. On stream we have gotten an Armadyl Crossbow, two Saradomin Whispers, a Spectral Sigil, and a few other drops. I have been trying to stream everyday and do a giveaway every stream so if you like Runescape make sure to check out my streams.

Halo 2 – I’m not a super big fan of the Halo series but I do think that they are enjoyable. While I was out game hunting at a big flea market, I decided to pick up an original XBOX to complete my sixth generation console collection for $10. Unfortunately when I got back I discovered that the disc drive didn’t work. Luckily, the XBOX was so cheap I didn’t really care that it did not work and it came with Halo 2, a controller and an extra set of cords. Since it came with so much I still think that it was a good purchase. When I got back home I drove on over to my local retro game shop and picked up a working original XBOX for $20. It works great.

Qix – Qix is sort of a puzzle or arcade game for the Gameboy that I picked up for a few bucks at the flea market. You draw lines to cover the board while avoiding red lasers and dots. I was quite confused when I first tried this game because I gives you no instructions at all. You just have to figure it out. I really don’t think it is that fun but it was extremely cheap.

Tetris Plus – Another Gameboy game I got at the flea market. I am a big fan of Tetris and really will buy anything with the name Tetris on it. Unlike Tetris Attack, it is Tetris, and that is about it. I was a little disappointed that it does not have the original Tetris theme song.

Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 – A Gameboy Color game that I got at the flea market. It’s a BMX game that after figuring out the controls is actually really fun. I played this for a few hours while I was out of town and really enjoyed it.

Army Men 2 – Army Men 2 is my first shooter game for the Gameboy Color. You control a toy army man and shoot other toys with rifles, bazookas, flamethrowers, mortars, and grenades. Just like the BMX game, I really enjoyed it. After taking some time to figure out the controls it was a lot of fun.

Dishonored – I picked this up at my local Target since I had a gift card. This game is sort of like Bioshock but with a lot more stealth and more magical powers. One thing that I noticed right off the bat is that the missions are really long or they blend together so well you don’t even notice when you are on a new mission. I started off playing on normal difficulty and was getting murdered so I switched it down to easy. This game is hard, and the main reason for that is that the controls are somewhat complicated. Overall, the game is fun, looks good, and is enjoyable.

Rockband 3 – For my birthday I got the Rockband 3 keyboard controller and have been using it to learn how to play the piano. I have been progressing a little but really haven’t played much in the last few weeks because I have been extremely busy.

Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside – I’m not usually a fan of sports games that are trying to be realistic but this game is actually pretty fun with a few friends. The only reason I played this game was because a couple of my friends and I decided to buy a N64 and we would all chip in. We needed a game to play, so we bought this for a dollar.

Those are the game that I have played the majority this month. I have been really busy this month and because of that I have not had a ton of time to write blog posts. Once finals are over and school is out I will have a lot more free time to spend writing and working on games. Currently I have put the majority of my effort into my livestreams. Even if you don’t like Runescape, come on over to the stream and we can talk about whatever you want! It is a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading!