Games I’m Playing – July

Osu Banner

First of all, I’m sorry that this blog post is so late. I’ve been extremely busy with Young Life camp and rebuilding the website. Now that I have apologised, let get into the games that I played in July.

Runescape: Like every month, I streamed and played a lot of Runescape. Since it took me so long to start writing this blog post I’m not sure of how much experience I gained this month. I’m pretty sure that it was at least over 15 million. In July I got two more 99 skills; Magic and Constitution. With the release of Legacy mode I have spent a lot more time doing combat and I went from 92 Magic to 99 in only a few days. During streams we spent a lot of time killing the Kalphite King and got many drops. I think our record was six drops in a single stream. If you play Runescape and don’t watch our streams go check them out!

Osu!: Osu is a rhythm game for PC, OSX, and iOS. Some of you may know that I love rhythm games and Osu has become one of my favorites. It’s highly addictive and I’ve played it a ton over the last few weeks. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at Osu also, I have been able to beat four star songs and have just been getting better.

Infamous Second Son: My friend let me borrow this game and it’s pretty good but nothing amazing. If you can borrow this game I suggest playing it but I don’t see it being worth the full $60. It is very repetitive, the story is decent, the combat is okay, and it’s just okay altogether.

These are the primary games that I played in July. I guess last month I spent a lot of time making games and didn’t play many. August’s Games I’m Playing will be much more interesting since I’ve played some great games within the last 19 days.

Thanks for reading!