Games I’m Playing – February

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During February I played a lot of different games than I played last month. Last month I played a lot of Zelda games where as I don’t think I played any of them this month.

Runescape: During February Runescape had a double xp weekend. During this time I got a ton of xp. I got 99 fletching and starting working really hard on slayer.

Sound Shapes: I watched a few reviews of this game. It looked fun so I decided to download it. It is a very very good game. If you have a PS Vita and enjoy platformers you have to try out this game.

SSX 3: Last month I worked on cleaning up my room a ton. I have all of my video game consoles hooked up to my TV now so I have been playing a variety of games. Especially PS2 games. SSX is one of my favorite games of all time. I played through the game this month and still enjoy it a ton.

SSX Blur: Anyone who knows about the SSX series knows that Blur is easily the worst SSX game. I decided to do the unspeakable and pop it into my Wii. It’s annoying, hard, and very stupid. But, somehow I still enjoyed it slightly. I will probably just play through all of the levels that are Blur exclusive.

SSX On Tour: Along with playing a lot of PS2 I have been playing my PSP also. I guess this month is a Sony month where as last month was Nintendo. This game isn’t as good as SSX 3 but it’s still fun to play SSX on the go.

Rachet and Clank: Size Matters: This month, unfortunately my PSP was getting annoying. The screen is cracked, it’s all scratched up and it’s a PSP 1000. I was at target looking through the clearance game sections and saw something magical. They had two PSP 3000s, in their original boxes for $99. I love the PSP immensely, my old one was broken, and I already had a bunch of PSP games so I got a new PSP. Surprisingly it came with three games; Cars, Ape Escape and Rachet and Clank. I didn’t expect it to come with any games so I was pretty happy. I haven’t gotten around to playing Cars or Ape Escape but the Rachet and Clank game has been a lot of fun.

ATV Games: I played a lot of ATV games this month. This includes games from the ATV Offroad Fury series and the MX Vs. ATV series. Since these games are all pretty much the same and there are quite a few of them I’m just combining them all. Pretty much all I do in these games is go into freeride and drive around. I’d don’t know why but I really enjoy doing this.

Titanfall Beta: I luckily got into the Titanfall beta. I played on my PC with my friend and I have to say this game is the most fun FPS game I have played in a long time. I cannot wait until this game come out. I played this game for a long time and I think it has a ton of potential.

Bill Cosby Fun Game: *Face palm* Just try it, it’s free.

Outlast: During the Runescape double xp weekend a few of my friends and myself had a sort of LAN party. It was late at night, Outlast was free on PSN so we decided to download it. It’s sort of scary but more funny. Probably because we were guessing when every jump scare would happen.

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition: Right now, I think this is the best game for PS4. It has a good story, fun gameplay and looks great. I still haven’t completed this game so I don’t really think I can say too much about it.

Well that is all of the games I think that I played this month.

Thanks for reading!