Games I’m Playing – April

Legend of Zelda Windwaker Banner

Well April is over and the great month of May is here! Last month I really didn’t play that many new games, but I think that Mays Games I’m Playing will be much larger because my birthday is this month! I will probably write another blog post after my birthday listing what I all got. Anyways, here is what I played this month!

Runescape: This month I played Runescape a bit more than I did last month and have made a bit of progress. This month I gained over 5 million experience toward my goal of 300 million. My current total experience is a little over 118 million experience.

Hearthstone: Hearthstone is a free card game by Blizzard. I saw some people talking about it on Twitter so I decided to check it out. I have enjoyed this game a bit even though I’m not that great at it. If you like card games then you should check it out.

Mercenary Kings: Mercenary Kings is a side scrolling shooter game sort of like Metal Slug. You do various missions to earn money so you can upgrade your weapons and armor. Mercenary Kings was free on Playstation Plus so I decided to download it. It’s a lot of fun if you enjoy retro shooters.

Rockband and Rockband 3: I am still playing this game. I have set a goal to beat the hardest song in the game on expert and I still have not beaten it yet. I will get there eventually. Along with playing the original Rockband, I have played Rockband 3 Pro Drums. It’s a lot of fun to play the more realistic drums.

The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker: This month I purchased a GameCube for the first time with the intent to buy the Gameboy player with it. Unfortunately, the shop I went to did not have the Gameboy player, so I just got the GameCube with Windwaker. I have to say this is probably my favorite 3D Zelda game. I prefer the 2D Zelda games but this game is very good. I have also found why I don’t like the other 3D Zelda games I have played; it’s the controls. I have played Twilight Princess on the Wii and I’m not a huge fan of motion controls. The only other 3D Zelda game I have played is Ocarina of Time, on the 3DS, and I don’t like not having a free camera. Windwaker easily has the best controls out of the 3D Zelda games I have played, it looks good, and it’s generally fun to play.

The New Super Mario Bros. Wii: This month a couple of my friends and I got together to play some video games. One of the games we played was the New Super Mario Bros. for Wii. This game is a ton of fun if you have friends over and by the time you are done playing friendships will be ruined. I highly suggest it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops: It is a tradition for my friends and I to system link Black Ops Zombies. We play this almost every time we get together. It is the only game that actually has worked properly with XBOX 360 system link, and it is a lot of fun when you have all four players. We pretty much only play Zombies and I think it is easily the best Call of Duty for the gamemode.

SSX On Tour: I am still trying to reach rank 1 on this game. Right now I’m sitting around rank 30 and am now slowly making my way up. If you are a fan of the SSX series this is a great addition. A lot of people say that it isn’t that good but once you buy all the tricks and start purchasing the perks it gets a lot more entertaining.

These are the main games that I played in April!

Thanks for reading!