Games and Photography

Ball of Fire Photograph

(Photograph taken by me)

This quarter I took an introduction to photography class at my local community college. We learned how to take good pictures, edit them, learned about different cameras, and most importantly; the history of photography as an art form.

As many of you may know, I greatly believe that video games are a form of art. As I took this camera class, I happened to notice many similarities of how photography started as an art form and how video games are beginning to be.

When cameras were first invented and became easier to use, more people began to take photographs. Just like now with video games, at first, many people did not consider photographs as art. As photography got older and the number of people against it decreased, photography eventually became fully considered a form of art.

It may take ten, twenty, maybe even a hundred years but eventually video games will become the norm and everyone will consider them as a form of art. The main problem now is that not everyone has found a video game they like. Either they haven’t played any or just haven’t found what they enjoy. If you asked the same person if they liked any music, or any movies they would say yes because music and movies are normal.

As video games get older it will eventually become just like music, movies, and photography. Once video games are the norm they will be fully considered a form of art, just like photography. These are the similarities that I noticed between games and photography as forms of art.

Thanks for reading!