Dr. Boom Used to Suck – Card Theory 2

Dr. Boom Used to Suck

Everyone knows that Dr. Boom is the most overpowered card in Hearthstone. Blizzard should realize a card is not balanced when it is played in most decks and classes.

But was Dr. Boom always overpowered? I believe that while in development Dr. Boom was much worse. The whole reason I believe this is the extra line of text Dr. Boom has: “WARNING: Bots may explode.” Very few cards in Hearthstone have cosmetic text like Dr. Boom does, I can’t think of any other cards that do off the top of my head. All text on cards is written from the card owner’s point of you, when a card says “you” it’s always referring to whoever played the card. Why would Blizzard warn the person playing the card about the Boom Bots when they only can hit enemy characters?

When Dr. Boom was being developed, I think the Boom Bots may have been able to hit any character. Along with that, the Boom Bots may have been able to blow up at any time. Imagine playing Dr. Boom, both the bots immediately explode and kill Dr. Boom. In World of Warcraft, the player would use the Boom Bots to kill Dr. Boom. Giving the Boom Bots the power to hit any character would better reflect the gameplay in World of Warcraft.

Allowing the Boom Bots to hit any character would definitely make Dr. Boom a completely terrible card. I don’t think anyone would play him. He would pretty much just be a “Maddest Bomber” and would be like the rest of the bombers: not played. Since Dr. Boom was so bad, they swapped the word ‘character’ to ‘enemy’ in the Boom Bots and accidentally made it the most powerful card in the game.

Anyways, this is just a theory about how Dr. Boom used to suck. I don’t work for Blizzard or know anything about their development process. This is purely speculation and I have no information to back this theory up. Although, I do find my theory to be rather logical and might have actually happened.

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    yo when u gonna stream again because ive gotten really bored and i got nothing to do and i see you playing dont starve all the time. also i know this has nothing to do with the actual post about dr.boom

    • Coded Games Post author

      I’ve considered streaming Don’t Starve, but in the past no one every watched when I didn’t stream Runescape, which defeated the purpose of streaming. I just haven’t been interested in playing Runescape lately. Along with that, I recently switched to a new computer and never have completely setup all of the streaming stuff. I might try streaming Don’t Starve tomorrow. If we do, we would start around 10 pm PST.

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