Desktop Games

Over the last five years I have taught myself how to make video games. Over those five years I discovered that making video games and other content for people to enjoy was my passion. All of my games are free, and are on a variety of platforms. I hope that you enjoy them, because that is why I make them!

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ADT Logo,Angriff Der Toten,Shooter,”Fight hordes of zombies, shoot them down with thousands of different gear setups. With tons of different levels, bosses, and zombies, there is hours of gameplay! ”

Celestia Logo,Celestia,RPG,” In Celestia you level up skills, gather resources, make armor and kill powerful monsters. You can complete quests to learn about the lore of the land and its inhabitants. ”

DMAP Logo,Draw Me A Path,Platformer,”Drew is a painter, but one night evil drones stole his easel, paint palette and paint brush then flew off to their factory! It is your job to help Drew get his stuff back! Fight your way through 45 dangerous levels!”

Jump Drive Logo,Jump Drive,Platformer,”Jump Drive is an extremely difficult platform game. Wall jump to collect coins, avoid spikes, and complete levels. Overload the system to defeat the evil computer AI named John, and get out of the game!”