Death of Local Multiplayer

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This weekend, I went over to my friends house to play video games. This got me on the topic of local multiplayer.

Two console generations ago, online multiplayer blew up with the original XBOX and somewhat with the PS2. Since then, online multiplayer has become a fundamental part of gaming and because of this, local multiplayer has slowly diminished. Many games nowadays don’t even include local multiplayer.

Gaming can be a very social activity, and playing online with three of your friends is not the same as having all them in the same room, talking without headsets. My friends and I periodically will just get together a play games. Some of our favorites are Black Ops 1 zombies, Mario Kart Wii, The New Super Mario Bros for Wii, and Super Smash Brothers. It really seems like the only game company that still makes great local multiplayer games, is Nintendo. Other than Black Ops 1, there is no other Call of Duty game that system link properly works on.

I can’t even really think of any other games for Sony or Microsoft’s consoles that have really good local multiplayer other than gimmicky games like Rockband. Although, I do love Rockband, but it just isn’t easy to invite a few friends over and play Rockband. There quite a bit of setup involved beforehand.

In conclusion, my favorite console for local multiplayer is easily the Wii. I find that I have quite a few games that are really enjoyable with friends, and it easy to setup. All you need is a few Wii remotes and you’re good.

I hope that in the future we get some more games that have really good local multiplayer.

Thanks for reading!