Coded Games on Twitch!

Coded Games now has its own Twitch account! Currently we are streaming every day starting between 8pm-10pm PST. We can stream any game but primarily we will be streaming Runescape 3. We have a teamspeak server up if you guys would like to join. The IP address is Our Twitch username is Coded_Games.

Over the last hour days a few of my friends and I have been streaming Runescape on Twitch and have had pretty good success. Currently we have 84 followers and just over 600 views. For just four streams, I think that is pretty awesome.

I really have been enjoying streaming. We have talked to a ton of awesome people on Teamspeak, Twitch, and on Runescape. Right now I’m planning on streaming every day, but I will probably take a break every once in a while.

Don’t worry, I still plan on making new blog posts regularly and making games. Right now I’m not working on any new games but do want to start a new one soon. I just haven’t really had the free time I’d like to, and I’ve made blogging and streaming a higher priority.

That is about it, come join one of our streams if you want too.

Thanks for reading!