A remastered version of Cube Fall Classic with new gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new features, and smoother gameplay. Tap and drag cubes into rows to increase your multiplier, start a combo, and score tons of points! Play Cube Fall!

Our Games – Cube Fall Remastered

Angriff Der Toten is a zombie survival game! Fight hordes of zombies, shoot them down with thousands of different gear setups. Blast through them with many different grenades and equipment! With tons of different levels, bosses, and zombies, there is hours of gameplay! Play Angriff Der Toten

Our Games – Angriff Der Toten

Cube Fall is a HTML5 arcade game for mobile devices. Tap and drag blocks to place them. Get a row to score bonus points, earn extra time, raise your multiplier, and start a combo. Try and get the highest score possible! Miss to many blocks, or run out of time […]

Our Games – Cube Fall

Jump Drive is an extremely difficult platform game. You and your friend, Eric, got trapped in a video game! Wall jump to collect coins, avoid spikes, and complete levels. Overload the system to defeat the evil computer AI named John, and get out of the game! Play Jump Drive!

Our Games – Jump Drive

Celestia is a role playing adventure game being developed by Coded Games! Celestia is an on going project and is no where near being finished. No game is ever finished, something always can be added or improved. In Celestia you level up skills, gather resources, make armor and kill powerful […]

Our Games – Celestia

Drew is a painter, but one night evil drones stole his easel, paint palette and paint brush then flew off to their factory! It is your job to help Drew get his stuff back! Fight your way through 45 dangerous levels! Buy items like the coin magnet and golden paint […]

Our Games – Draw Me A Path