How Good was TGT
The Grand Tournament brought tons of new cards into the meta, but did the new core mechanics make it into the game? The two major new mechanics of the Grand Tournament was joust and the inspire keyword. Joust has both players draw a card and whoever has the highest mana […]

How Good is TGT?

Dr. Boom Used to Suck 2
Everyone knows that Dr. Boom is the most overpowered card in Hearthstone. Blizzard should realize a card is not balanced when it is played in most decks and classes. But was Dr. Boom always overpowered? I believe that while in development Dr. Boom was much worse. The whole reason I believe this is […]

Dr. Boom Used to Suck – Card Theory

Become a Rocket League Pro! 2
Over the last month I have been playing an unhealthy amount of Rocket League. As I get better at the game and learn more strategies, I keep seeing people making the same mistakes I used to. So, here are my 5 tips for becoming a Rocket League Pro! 1. Communicate. There is a […]

How to Become a Rocket League Pro!

Making a Twitch Channel in 6 Minutes! 4
Ever want to live stream on Twitch? This tutorial shows how to start a Twitch Channel in just 6 minutes! Be up and live streaming in no time. The first step to making a Twitch Channel is to make a Twitch account. Once you have created your account, visit the […]

How to Start a Twitch Channel in 6 Minutes!

Coding Banner 2
GML, or Game Maker Language, is the programming language used in GameMaker: Studio. All of the games on Coded Games have been made using this language. One of the primary benefits of using GML is that it is extremely easy to learn and very straight forward. For this tutorial I’m […]

The Basics of GML

Glowing Twitch Logo 2
This is a continuation of my earlier blog post about live streaming, if you haven’t read that yet, please read it first. Here are 5 more tips for starting a twitch channel! As I was searching through streamers with low view count I happened to notice a few mistakes that they were making. […]

5 More Tips For Starting A Twitch Channel

10 Tips For Starting A Twitch Channel Banner 21
Over the last few months I have been livestreaming on Twitch every few days and have grown a small audience. Now that I have this audience, people have asked me to give them tips about starting a live stream channel. So, here are 10 important tips when starting a Twitch channel. 1. Make sure […]

10 Tips For Starting A Twitch Channel

Ball of Fire Photograph
(Photograph taken by me) This quarter I took an introduction to photography class at my local community college. We learned how to take good pictures, edit them, learned about different cameras, and most importantly; the history of photography as an art form. As many of you may know, I greatly […]

Games and Photography

Hearthstone Banner
A lot of people don’t realize, but video games can be great for learning. You can learn something from pretty much any game. Games like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering can improve strategy, forward thinking, and problem solving. Games like Civilization can teach a little about history. Words with Friends […]

Learning through Gameplay

Titanfall Banner
Back in the 1980’s there was the bit wars between consoles. There were eight bit consoles, sixteen, thirty two, and so on. Nowadays no one cares about bits anymore, it’s all about frames per second. Just like video, animations in video games are made up of hundreds of still images. […]

The FPS Wars

Why I Hate the Word Gamer Banner 2
I really hate the word gamer for a variety of reasons. The first major reason why I dislike the word gamer is because, most of the time, it is used negatively. Lets say someone who hasn’t met me hears that I am a gamer. I bet that they will immediately think […]

Why I Hate the Word Gamer

Ouya Banner 2
The Ouya has been out for a little bit over a year now so I thought of some ways to make it even better! The Ouya first was released proudly boasting its free-to-try market. At first this seems like something good, but it soon became a big hassle for developers. […]

How to Make the Ouya Better

Mario Multiplayer Banner
This weekend, I went over to my friends house to play video games. This got me on the topic of local multiplayer. Two console generations ago, online multiplayer blew up with the original XBOX and somewhat with the PS2. Since then, online multiplayer has become a fundamental part of gaming […]

Death of Local Multiplayer

Money Banner
One of the many things that gamers, including myself, dislike is microtransactions. Microtransactions are purchases within games, usually only a few dollars, which give the player consumables, like in game wealth and extra lives, or extra content, like bonus levels and quests. The not consumable microtransactions are commonly known as […]

Microtransactions and Arcades

Wii U Banner
A lot of the topics in the blog post are inspired by Game Theory’s video that was released yesterday. I suggest that you watch it, since it is quite interesting. Video: http://youtu.be/Cxhs-GLE29Q I agree and disagree with the concepts described in the this video. The fact is most triple A […]

Indies and Innovation