Coded Games News

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Wow, it has been a full year now since the last time I posted something in my blog. Sorry about that! I do plan writing more in the future.   Over the last year, I have been changing the type of content that is released on Coded Games. Last year […]

My Plans for Coded Games

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This month I finally got back to actually working on a game. As some of you may have noticed from my tweets or Facebook posts I have been graphically reworking Cube Fall. Originally it was just going to be a graphical rework but I ended up improving a large portion […]

What I Have Been Working On

Coded Games now has its own Twitch account! Currently we are streaming every day starting between 8pm-10pm PST. We can stream any game but primarily we will be streaming Runescape 3. We have a teamspeak server up if you guys would like to join. The IP address is Our […]

Coded Games on Twitch!

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In 2014 a lot of major changes have been made to Coded Games. In the last month I have made news posts multiple times a week, the forum has been added, and quite a few pages have been completely remade. Due to this, traffic increased greatly which I am very […]

The Future of Coded Games

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It’s been about five to six years now since I started making video games. Because of this, I don’t remember all of the small details like why I wanted to make games, I just decided to. What I do remember doing was simply googling “How to make video games.” After […]

How I Started Making Video Games