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This is the first blog post in a series that I call 15 Minute Reviews. In this series, I will play an indie game for 15 minutes and then review it. The areas I will be covering are graphics, sound, gameplay, and stability. I will not be covering stories in […]

15 Minute Reviews: Papers Please

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This month I finally got back to actually working on a game. As some of you may have noticed from my tweets or Facebook posts I have been graphically reworking Cube Fall. Originally it was just going to be a graphical rework but I ended up improving a large portion […]

What I Have Been Working On

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This month I finished up my first year of college classes. I ended spring quarter with a 4.0 GPA and finished the year with around a 3.9 GPA. Since I’m out of school, I have a lot more free time to play, make, and write about video games. After this […]

Games I’m Playing – June

Ball of Fire Photograph
(Photograph taken by me) This quarter I took an introduction to photography class at my local community college. We learned how to take good pictures, edit them, learned about different cameras, and most importantly; the history of photography as an art form. As many of you may know, I greatly […]

Games and Photography

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This month was my birthday and I spent a lot of time game hunting, so I got a lot of new games. Since I got so many new games, I am only going to talk about the ones that I think where interesting so that the list is not a […]

Games I’m Playing – May

Coded Games now has its own Twitch account! Currently we are streaming every day starting between 8pm-10pm PST. We can stream any game but primarily we will be streaming Runescape 3. We have a teamspeak server up if you guys would like to join. The IP address is proficy.teamspeak.net. Our […]

Coded Games on Twitch!

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A lot of people don’t realize, but video games can be great for learning. You can learn something from pretty much any game. Games like Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering can improve strategy, forward thinking, and problem solving. Games like Civilization can teach a little about history. Words with Friends […]

Learning through Gameplay

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Back in the 1980’s there was the bit wars between consoles. There were eight bit consoles, sixteen, thirty two, and so on. Nowadays no one cares about bits anymore, it’s all about frames per second. Just like video, animations in video games are made up of hundreds of still images. […]

The FPS Wars

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Well April is over and the great month of May is here! Last month I really didn’t play that many new games, but I think that Mays Games I’m Playing will be much larger because my birthday is this month! I will probably write another blog post after my birthday […]

Games I’m Playing – April

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I really hate the word gamer for a variety of reasons. The first major reason why I dislike the word gamer is because, most of the time, it is used negatively. Lets say someone who hasn’t met me hears that I am a gamer. I bet that they will immediately think […]

Why I Hate the Word Gamer

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The Ouya has been out for a little bit over a year now so I thought of some ways to make it even better! The Ouya first was released proudly boasting its free-to-try market. At first this seems like something good, but it soon became a big hassle for developers. […]

How to Make the Ouya Better

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I have played a large variety of games over the last few years. Since choosing one single game as my favorite is practically impossible, I’m going to be breaking them down into different categories. The game that I have easily spent the most time playing, is Runescape. Runescape is a […]

My Favorite Video Games

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Since I’m only 18, I have only been alive during the last three console generations. So, I missed the great gaming years of the 1980s, 1990s and the 1970s. My first video game console was the Playstation 2 and it is my favorite video game console out of all of […]

My Favorite Video Game Console

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This weekend, I went over to my friends house to play video games. This got me on the topic of local multiplayer. Two console generations ago, online multiplayer blew up with the original XBOX and somewhat with the PS2. Since then, online multiplayer has become a fundamental part of gaming […]

Death of Local Multiplayer

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One of the many things that gamers, including myself, dislike is microtransactions. Microtransactions are purchases within games, usually only a few dollars, which give the player consumables, like in game wealth and extra lives, or extra content, like bonus levels and quests. The not consumable microtransactions are commonly known as […]

Microtransactions and Arcades