15 Minute Reviews: Papers Please

Papers Please Banner

This is the first blog post in a series that I call 15 Minute Reviews. In this series, I will play an indie game for 15 minutes and then review it. The areas I will be covering are graphics, sound, gameplay, and stability. I will not be covering stories in games because I don’t want to give away spoilers and you don’t get much of a story in the first 15 minutes of a game anyway. After covering those aspects of the game, I will rate the game with a percentage representing the chance I will play the game again. Today I am going to be reviewing Papers Please!

Graphics: Papers Please uses the standard retro graphics style that tons of indie games use. It’s in no way a beautiful game but the graphics are good enough to make the game enjoyable.

Sound: Immediately after starting the game I was greeted with some really good introduction music but when the gameplay actually started the music stopped. I found that rather disappointing. The game has plenty of little sounds and ambient noise during gameplay to keep your ears occupied.

Gameplay: Papers Please’s gameplay primarily consists of reading passports, making sure they are correct, and then accepting or denying them. After a day is complete you earn some money and then decide what you spend it on. These choices will probably affect the future of the game, but I didn’t get far enough to notice.

Stability: Unfortunately, I had some problems with Papers Please. When I was playing the game, it decided to randomly scale down a ton so that it was very hard to read the text. I ran out of time shortly after so I probably could have fixed it by restarting the game.

Conclusion: Papers Please is a very interesting game and you will definitely need to play more than 15 minutes to get the full experience. It has some flaws but they all seem very minor.

Chance of me playing Papers Please again: