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Wow, it has been a full year now since the last time I posted something in my blog. Sorry about that! I do plan writing more in the future.   Over the last year, I have been changing the type of content that is released on Coded Games. Last year […]

My Plans for Coded Games

Moto 360 on iPhone
On the day Android Wear for iOS was released I went out to my local Best Buy and purchased a Moto 360 smartwatch. Previously I had used a standard Pebble smartwatch; the screen on that watch stops working sometimes, the screen is scratched, and the watchband is broken. I decided it was […]

Moto 360 on iPhone Review

How Good was TGT
The Grand Tournament brought tons of new cards into the meta, but did the new core mechanics make it into the game? The two major new mechanics of the Grand Tournament was joust and the inspire keyword. Joust has both players draw a card and whoever has the highest mana […]

How Good is TGT?

Dr. Boom Used to Suck 2
Everyone knows that Dr. Boom is the most overpowered card in Hearthstone. Blizzard should realize a card is not balanced when it is played in most decks and classes. But was Dr. Boom always overpowered? I believe that while in development Dr. Boom was much worse. The whole reason I believe this is […]

Dr. Boom Used to Suck – Card Theory

Become a Rocket League Pro! 2
Over the last month I have been playing an unhealthy amount of Rocket League. As I get better at the game and learn more strategies, I keep seeing people making the same mistakes I used to. So, here are my 5 tips for becoming a Rocket League Pro! 1. Communicate. There is a […]

How to Become a Rocket League Pro!

Making a Twitch Channel in 6 Minutes! 4
Ever want to live stream on Twitch? This tutorial shows how to start a Twitch Channel in just 6 minutes! Be up and live streaming in no time. The first step to making a Twitch Channel is to make a Twitch account. Once you have created your account, visit the […]

How to Start a Twitch Channel in 6 Minutes!

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GML, or Game Maker Language, is the programming language used in GameMaker: Studio. All of the games on Coded Games have been made using this language. One of the primary benefits of using GML is that it is extremely easy to learn and very straight forward. For this tutorial I’m […]

The Basics of GML

 This is my first video for Coded Games! I discuss what I’ve been doing and my plans for Coded Games in the future.

What I Have Been Doing

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This is a continuation of my earlier blog post about live streaming, if you haven’t read that yet, please read it first. Here are 5 more tips for starting a twitch channel! As I was searching through streamers with low view count I happened to notice a few mistakes that they were making. […]

5 More Tips For Starting A Twitch Channel

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Well would you look at that, I was actually able to get a Games I’m Playing blog post released on time! Anyway, this month I started school so I have much less time to play video games. I still did play a few games but not nearly as many as […]

Games I’m Playing – September

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Over the last few months I have been livestreaming on Twitch every few days and have grown a small audience. Now that I have this audience, people have asked me to give them tips about starting a live stream channel. So, here are 10 important tips when starting a Twitch channel. 1. Make sure […]

10 Tips For Starting A Twitch Channel

A remastered version of Cube Fall Classic with new gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new features, and smoother gameplay. Tap and drag cubes into rows to increase your multiplier, start a combo, and score tons of points! Play Cube Fall!

Our Games – Cube Fall Remastered

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Unfortunately, this is the first month since I’ve started doing Games I’m Playing that I haven’t made any other blog posts between two Games I’m Playing posts. I have some plans for other blog posts so there will be more this month. I was just so busy rebuilding the website, making […]

Games I’m Playing – August

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First of all, I’m sorry that this blog post is so late. I’ve been extremely busy with Young Life camp and rebuilding the website. Now that I have apologised, let get into the games that I played in July. Runescape: Like every month, I streamed and played a lot of […]

Games I’m Playing – July

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This is the first blog post in a series that I call 15 Minute Reviews. In this series, I will play an indie game for 15 minutes and then review it. The areas I will be covering are graphics, sound, gameplay, and stability. I will not be covering stories in […]

15 Minute Reviews: Papers Please