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Our goal is to create high quality HTML5 games optimized for iOS and Android devices. Our games also can be played in every major desktop internet browser and a variety of other devices.

If you are interested in purchasing HTML5 games, or have any questions, please contact us or email All of our games can be modified to fit your needs. This includes localization, branding, distribution, API integration, and more.

Static Overdrive Logo Static Overdrive

Shoot enemies and astroids to gain static energy. Finishing levels unlocks new upgrades for your ship like heat-seeking missiles, increased firepower and other special power-ups. Each level features new enemies, attack patterns, and mechanics.


DRAW!! is a western themed card game where you are tasked with building different decks to defeat many different outlaws! Each enemy has unique decks and mechanics so you must construct your deck to capitalize on their weaknesses.

Jewel Ninja Logo Jewel Ninja

Jump, spin, and flip to smash hundreds of priceless jewels! Combo attacks together to score bonus points and destroy even more jewels.

Plains of Niri Logo Plains of Niri

Build roads, towns, and cities to create the greatest empire! Train an army of knights to defend your civilization from invading monsters and spirits. Can you conquer the Plains of Niri?

Poker Hunt Logo Poker Hunt

Find hidden Poker Hands in a grid of cards to score points. The better hands you find the more points you get. Includes two challenging game modes.

Cube Fall Logo Cube Fall

A remastered version of Cube Fall Classic with new gameplay mechanics, updated graphics, new features, and smoother gameplay. Tap and drag cubes into rows to increase your multiplier, start a combo, and score tons of points!

How to Install HTML5 Games:


1. Open app in Safari.

2. Tap the share button.

3. Tap Add to Home Screen.

4. Tap Add.


1. Open app in the default Android Browser or Google Chrome.

2. Tap the menu button, and add the page to your bookmarks.

3. Open your bookmarks and press and hold the bookmark until a menu appears.

4. Tap Add to homescreen.